Creekside Properties – Architectural Controls and General Building Conditions

  1. Minimum square footage for each residence:
  • Phase 1 – 29 residential lots
    North side of Creekside Boulevard – 13 lots
    1300 square feet bungalow
    1600 square feet two story

– South side of Creekside Boulevard – 16 lots (walkouts)
1400 square feet bungalow
1700 square feet two story

2. All house designs and finishing must be approved by the Vendor.

3. Minimum roof pitch must equal 6:12.

4. House fronts must have a minimum of 20% coverage of rock, brick or similar material to accent stucco.

5. Stucco will be the primary exterior surfacing. Only under the approval of the Vendor will vinyl siding be allowed to be used.

6. All houses shall have not less than an attached two car garage.

7. Paving for all driveways shall be concrete or interlocking paving stones. Not more that one driveway shall be constructed for each dwelling unit and the driveway shall not have more than one access to street.

8. The minimum building distances (“setbacks”) shall be as follows:
– front yard setback – twenty-five (25) feet
– side yard set back for interior lots – five (5) feet
– side yard set back for corner lots – ten (10) feet on curb side
– rear yard set back – twenty-five (25) feet
– maximum building size per lot – forty per cent (40%)

9. Identical house structures and finishes will not be permitted on adjacent lots.

10. All house plans are to be submitted to the Vendor and approved by the Vendor prior to applying for a building permit. The Vendor shall provide its decision regarding such approval within two (2) business days receipt of such house plans.

11. Fencing:

i) Fencing will not be allowed in the front yards.

ii) All “walkout lots” facing the creek – The rear perimeter boundary of these lots shall only have “black chain link fencing” (no wood is allowed).

iii) All side yard fencing must be constructed out of green pressure treated lumber and shall not exceed a height of six (6) feet.

12. For all lots backing on the creek there will be a three (3) meter “no mow zone”. This means that the owner of the property shall not be allowed to cut the grass within this area. The City of Selkirk shall be granted a five (5) meter easement, from the rear property line, in order to allow access to the property surrounding the creek, in order to maintain maintenance of the creek.